What can you use it for?

You should be able to use shotsnapp for anything you could imagine. Here are some common use cases.

Social media posts

Create beautiful images that will excite your audience across your social media platforms.

Feature announcements

Never be buried among the noises anymore. Announce your new features or product in style.


Spice up your presentation slides with pratical yet eye-catching representation of your work.

App store screenshots

Designing and generating screenshots for your app store listing will no longer take hours.

Support & helpdesk

Visually guide your users with useful and beautiful screenshots of your product.


Include your wireframes and design revisions with beautiful mockups in your documents.

Ready to start creating?

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shotsnapp is a product by a solo maker, @gaddafirusli. Support the project by upgrading to PRO or buy me a coffee. With love from Malaysia 🇲🇾